About us

Gangotri Global Limited has led to creation of various landmark projects in Lucknow. The leaders and skilled professionals of the Organization have worked towards launching out of the league projects and take the real estate sector to the next level. Gangotri Global Limited has a major presence in Lucknow. The company is also an advisor to projects in different verticals of real estate like residential, townships, commercial, retail, office spaces and hospitality.
With a vision to set a new benchmark in conventional real estate world by becoming the most innovative and trusted brand with the adoption of affordable financing for new technologies through GAD Capital and a centric focus on green and eco-friendly construction to fulfill the customers’ expectations, Gangotri Global Limited is setting up an all new status in the Real Estate sector.

 To build world-class real-estate concepts across six business lines with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service.


To be the best, full-service Real Estate company in the Triangle and to enhance our quality of life through active community involvement.


Customer Service:

We direct all of our efforts toward our customers – both internally and externally- to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner both as a company and as individuals.

Initiative and Leadership:

We encourage and reward entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example, prudent risk-taking; and we seek to foster an atmosphere of respect and empowerment for all employees.

Training and Development:

We encourage and support all employees to realize their full professional potential. We will provide training and educational programs to develop technical, project management, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.


We will seek and share all information necessary and relevant to complete our jobs to the best of our ability.


  • Honesty and Integrity:  We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.
  • Communication:  We share appropriate information in an honest and open manner.
  • Respect:  We are considerate of others through the use of appropriate behavior.
  • Teamwork:  We encourage and reward teamwork.
  • Quality:  We strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the goals of the project.
  • Attitude We are positive, enthusiastic, and have a vibrant spirit.